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Small Group FAQs > Dover First Moravian
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Dover First Moravian Church


Small Group FAQs

Small Group FAQ            

What is a small group?

A small group is 5-6 couples or 8-10 individuals meeting together regularly in someone’s home for Bible study, fellowship, and prayer.

When do groups meet?

Each group determines the best time and day of the week to meet.  Most groups meet for about 90 minutes.

How often do small groups meet?

 Ideally each group meets once a week but individual groups may agree to meet less frequently.  We encourage a minimum of two times a month

What happens at a small group meeting?

Each group is different but the basic format is a time for socializing, study and prayer. Groups determine their course of study to meet the needs and interests of their members.  Topics vary from life issues, to a focused look at a chapter in the Bible , to building a stronger relationship with God.  Spending time getting to know each other, sharing joys and concerns and praying for each other are important components of group life.

Questions or comments please contact our Small Group Director.

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