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Dover First Moravian Church


"In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and in all things, love."

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Pastor's Study



Thanks for visiting First Moravian Church of Dover on the web.  We realize the internet is a great way to visit and get to know a church without actually stepping through its' doors. 

Giving Tree Photo by Courtney Wallace

The First Moravian Church of Dover, Ohio, is one of several Moravian churches in Tuscarawas County. Our site contains a wealth of information for both our members and visitors alike. We welcome you to join us for weekly worship opportunities each Sunday from September-June at 8:00 & 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School for all ages is at 9:15 a.m.   Everyone is welcome!

 We hope you will take the time to search through our site and check out our ministries and activities with a personal visit.  We would love for you to experience and participate with us at a First Moravian Church service or event.  We encourage you to spend some time exploring our vision, history, and ongoing ministry.



Grace in the Valley

Building a Musical Blessing Together



          As I sit down to share some thoughts with you – by the time you receive this, the Moravian College Choir and Big Band are but days away from being our guests in the valley.


            How did this all get started?  Well, let me share with you what went into this in order to bring these 70 plus college musicians to the valley.  I think it is an interesting story. I hope you will also.  Let me begin.


As you are well aware, Moravian music is known worldwide for its classic four part harmonies, deep meaningful chorales, eloquent lyrics and exceptional definitive quality.  In the valley, that’s what we do in our Chancel Choir at Dover First.  Randy works diligently to bring quality music to the family each and every Sunday for worship.


With that in mind, it just seemed to make sense to see if I could get the Moravian College Choir to come to the Tuscarawas Valley to sing for us.  Yes, I know that it did not hurt that our son, Ben, was in the choir singing – selfish motives that I freely own.  (However, I tried to do this when my daughter was in the college choir in 2010, but that did not pan out.)


I first presented the idea to the Ohio Moravian Ministries Commission and they approved the program.  I was willing to do the details and the leg work to bring the group, and so the process began. 


After receiving approval from the college and a buy-in from their choir director, I have been planning the event since early summer 2014.  Life is always full of deals and compromises, give and take.  For the Moravian College Choir and now the Big Band to come, I needed to raise $11,000 to help pay for the choir’s meals and entertainment while in Ohio.  I wrote letters, wrote grants, talked to people and looked under the sofa cushions to raise the money.  Church members, friends, businesses and organizations came through, and we will be able to meet our budget so we can build a blessing together.  Thank you for all of your help, prayers, meals, offerings and support for the project.


This rich whirlwind tour will last just five days, but it will succeed in goals of:

· Bringing music ambassadors and expressive music to the people of the Tuscarawas Valley from the Moravian College music department. 

Giving the college students the chance to teach “master” like classes and rehearsals with six high school music departments, including Claymont, Dover, Garaway, Indian Valley, Strasburg, and Tusky Valley, peaking at Tuesday, March 10th night’s performance at the Dover High School auditorium.


Finally, I need your help to make this event a stunning success.  (Yeah, I wrote this during Grammies week.)  Invite your friends and neighbors to any or all of the events.  Talk it up.  Tweet it up.  Facebook post it.  Come, make a real concerted effort to see all or any of these magnificent musical programs offered to you and our community this March.


March 8th “Grace in the House”

10:30 a.m. Dover First Moravian Church


March 9th “Gatsby VIP Night” at the Reeves Manson

4:30 – 7:30 p.m. cost $10.00 per person food/drink


March 10th “Grace in the Valley” concert at the Dover High school Auditorium  

7:30 p.m. “free will offering”


These such events are excellent opportunities for us to use to reach out and invite others to come and experience our church family – your church spiritual home.  Come and see.  Let’s build another blessing together!  PJ


Building Blessings Together


To celebrate Jan Hus' 600th anniversary story, this year the Elders and I are developing

 some wonderful opportunities around the theme of “Building Blessings Together”.  We

will look at the life and times of Jan Hus and all of the reformative gifts he gave to the life

of the greater Protestant church. 

Our refrains will focus on building blessings :


· A family that worships and invites others into worship

· A family that learns to listen and tell our story

· A family that shares and sends disciples into the mission field

· A family that loves to laugh and grow


Look for the variety of activities coming down the pike.  Our first event is slated for January 4, when we kick off our program theme, “Building Blessings Together”, with Epiphany Communion. 



One Hundred Seventy-five (175) Years of Love!

(In Three Years)


If you would like to be a part of the Church Anniversary Committee, please contact the church office.  In just three years, in 2017, the First Moravian Church of Dover will be 175 years old!  Can you believe that?  Neither could we.  We want to know if you would be interested in helping organize a party?  Think about it. A celebration of such an important milestone needs the participation of our members. Would  you be willing to help? Let us know soon. Give the church office a call (330-364-8831).  Currently, we have two people signed up. We will need your help. We want your ideas.  Thank you.



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